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All Skaters/players and coaches must be registered with USA Hockey; the cost is $50.00 per player and is not refundable. Please Click Here for USA Hockey registration information.

Program Name: NFHL 10U Program

Months of  Program:   October to March

Birth Years for 2017 - 2018 Season:  2007 and 2008

2017 - 2018 Season Cost:   $560 (tournaments and round robin games are additional costs)

Ice Time Per Week (on average):  1-2  (60 min.) practices, two optional tournaments (Jan and March), and additional optional round-robin games for the house program. Practices are normally on the weeknights, but some weekend practice will be scheduled where possible.  

Description:  Players on the 10U house team may be entered into two tournaments (depending on team numbers). We normally play in the Freedom Tournament (in Huntsville, AL) in mid January and the Country and Western Tournament (in Nashville, TN). Each tournament typically allows the players to play in four competitive games. These tournaments are optional and are not included in the season cost.
House practices are held at the Pensacola Bay Center between mid October and March, and most weeks the players will have two scheduled practices for each team. However, we are subject to ice availability and the Bay Center schedule, so there may be weeks without any practices. Our practices consist of skills and drills, with scrimmages pieced in when appropriate.

Teams normally consist of between 12 and 15 skaters, plus a goalie.  Players at the 10U level should be reasonably proficient skaters, with a basic knowledge of team play. Coaches will focus on team play, importance of back checking, passing the puck, play-making, and hard work. Second year 10U players should be moderately skilled at basic breakout plays and defensive coverage. They also should have good individual puck control, shooting skills, and passing skills. At this level, off-ice conditioning is starting to be introduced and encouraged.
Below are a few questions and answers that were asked by a parent about the upcoming season:
* What will the estimated cost (registration fees) to participate be per player for each tournament?
-- Tournament fees are split among the number of players that go. Normally each tournament cost is ~$75 per skater.

* Will each child be expected to attend every tournament?
-- No. Tournaments are optional. We recommend that you attend as many tournaments and games as possible, but we understand that schedules & other factors don't always line up. Sometimes we partner up with other families to make sure that all the kids are able to attend that want to.

* Will we have league discounts at certain hotels to help offset the expense of the travel?
 -- We always try to block of hotels at discounted rates.  Sometimes this works well, and sometimes it doesn't work out too well.

* Will there be a parent meeting before the season sign up to go over the details and expectations of each family and the level of
commitment they will bring to the team. I know we will want to be as supportive as possible, however, with my spouse working out of town most of the time, I am not sure I will be able to take enough time off from work to be out of town that often.

 -- Absolutely.  We will try to pass information and we highly recommend that coaches talk to the families through a beginning of the year meeting. We also like to see these happen throughout the season. The new website that we are using should greatly help in that area. Each division has their own area on the website that will be controlled by the team parent/manager/mom.  There will be some growing pains, but once we understand the tool I think it will help us share info much more efficiently.